XR Center

Savonia’s XR-Center

XR-Center is an XR-technology laboratory in the planning and conceptualization phase, whose service offering is being developed through Savonia’s Virtech project. The goal is to provide companies training and also needed skills regarding XR-technologies and devices. In the Center you have the opportunity to test devices and perform hardware application testing and user testing.


Interest in virtual reality and especially XR technology is on the rise. Savonia wants to be involved in developing augmented reality for educational use and to cooperate with various companies that are interested in the possibilities of XR-technology for professional use. Savonia’s XR-Center also uses robotics, for example in projects related to rehabilitation.

There are various robots in the XR-Center premises, such as three different Nao robots and the Pepper robot.

Panorama picture of spaces of the Savonia XR-Center.


The XR-Center has a game area for testing VR and XR devices, and the space also has a framework for holding various meetings. You can get to know the spaces of the XR-Center through a 3D-model from the following link: Matterport 360 enviroment